Kappa Alpha Sigma Chapter History

The graduate chapter of Kappa Alpha Sigma was chartered on December 12, 1987 to serve the Dekalb county area. The chapter is comprised of versatile and diverse brothers who have come together for the common goals of the chapter and fraternity: Brotherhood, Scholarship and Service. The charter members include: Brother John Day, Brother Matthew Holmes, Jr., Brother Albert H. Judge Jr., Brother Valentino E. Clendenon and Brother Dale. L. Burgess.

Brother John Day has also founded the undergraduate chapters of Pi Alpha (Georgia State) and Rho Alpha (Devry University). As a chapter, Kappa Alpha Sigma has chartered the undergraduate chapters of Alpha Beta Theta (Southern Poly Tech),  Alpha Beta Tau (Kennesaw State University) and Gamma Beta Gamma (Emory University). Currently, Kappa Alpha Sigma serves as advisors for Alpha Beta Theta (Kennesaw State University), Beta Beta Beta (Clayton State University), and Gamma Beta Gamma (Emory University).

During the mid 90’s, the chapter went through a new transition in which older brothers encouraged the younger ones in the chapter to step up and become leaders for Phi Beta Sigma. Since our undergraduate chapters were not active at that time, younger men were still granted the opportunity to see the Light of Sigma at a collegiate age, in addition to recent college graduates microsoft publisher free download german. The growth and stability of the chapter through rough and turbulent times is due to the accomplishments of Brother Eli Deleston and Brother Carlos Williams II.

1. John Day 1988 – 1989
2. Eli Deleston 1989 – 1991
3. Scott Allen 1992
4. Eli Deleston 1993
5. Irvin Engram 1994
6. Calvin Hurse 1995
7. Eli Deleston 1996
8. Carlos Williams II 1997 – 1998
9. Sedrick Strickland 1999 – 2000
10. Antwan House 2001 – 2002
11. Vincent J. Wilson 2003 – 2004
12. Leonard Knight 2005 – 2006
13 collage programm kostenlosen. Dr. Willie Swain, Jr. 2007 – 2008
14. Dr. Corey Stayton 2008 – 2009
15. Trae D.Johnson 2010 – 2011
16. Kenneth G. Love 2012 – 2013
17. Terrence Slaton 2014 – 2015
18. Randy Samuels 2015 – 9/2017
19. Orette Ferdinand 9/2017 – Present


Moving into Sigma’s second century, Kappa Alpha Sigma Chapter is focused on its brotherhood. The Chapter made a concerted effort to be the chapter at the forefront of strengthening the bonds of Sigma in the Atlanta area. By attending fellow Sigma alumni chapter meetings and extending our hand in unifying our cause locally, Kappa Alpha Sigma chapter has garnered the respect and admiration of brothers and sorors alike. The future of Kappa Alpha Sigma is yet unwritten but it is continuously made by the brotherhood of this Mighty Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc herunterladen.

Past Lines of Kappa Alpha Sigma


1. Conan Nettles “Makaveli”
2. Jose Roque’ “Mr. Crucial”
3. Sedrick Strickland “Ever-Ready”

SPRING ’98 – Blue Platoon

1. Daryl McClendon “Fast Break”
2. Al Franklin “Twisted” (Southern Polytechnic-Alpha Beta Theta Charter Member)
3. Levar Gilford “Flatline” (Southern Polytechnic-Alpha Beta Theta Charter Member)
4. Antwan House “400 Milligrams”
5. Gregory Roquemore “Bout It”
6. William Jenkins “Neurotic”

FALL ’98 – Code Blue

1. Jonathan Fleming “Memorized”
2. Willie Moore “Pressurized”
3. Xenophon Cater “Traumatized” (Southern Polytechnic-Alpha Beta Theta Charter Member)

SPRING ’99 – 9 Pictures of Blue

1 herunterladen. Bertram Miller “Tequila Sunrise”
2. Lance Bilbrew “Mercury Rising”
3. Mark Harris “Breakdown” (Southern Polytechnic-Alpha Beta Theta Charter Member)
4. Dwaune Johnson “Matrix”
5. J’amaal Charlton “Basic Instinct”
6. Nicolas Jester “Ransom”
7. Alonzo Roberson “Bodyguard” (Southern Polytechnic-Alpha Beta Theta Charter Member)
8. Leanda Thomas “The Raven”
9. Lyric Cosby “Executive Decision” (Kennesaw State-Alpha Beta Tau Charter Member)

SPRING ’00 – 7 Blue Unpredictables

1. James Porter “Sporadic”
2. Marcus Mitchell “Suspense”
3. Brandon Fambro “Hesitation”
4. Frank Mays “Show Boat” (Kennesaw State/Alpha Beta Tau Charter Member)
5. Jermaine Foster “Loose Ends” (Kennesaw State/Alpha Beta Tau Charter Member)
6. Herschel Symond “Distressed
7. Rodriguez Ashmore “Delayed Reaction” (Kennesaw State/Alpha Beta Tau Charter Member)

FALL ’00 – Cryptic Blue

1 windows 10 updates nur herunterladen. Tyrone Byrd “Enigma” (Kennesaw State/Alpha Beta Tau Charter Member)
2. Trae Johnson “Spontaneous Combustion” (Alpha Beta Theta)
3. Arend Dorsett “Bermuda Triangle”
4. Perry Mattis “Jigsaw” (Alpha Beta Theta)

SPRING ’01 – Blue Animaniacs

1. Richard Gayle “Dick Tracy”
2. VanDuan Travis “Blue Falcon”
3. Vincent Wilson “Fritz”
4. Kwasi Obeng “Buzz Lightyear” (Alpha Beta Tau)
5. Gary Smith “Johnny Bravo”
6. Eric McMath “Papa Smurf”

SPRING ’02 – Blue Phive

2. Jason Thomas “Blue Zone” (Alpha Beta Tau)
3. Aaron Appleby “Blues Clues”
4. Kobie Johnson “Blue Print”
5. Jonathan Wallace “Blue Fury” (Alpha Beta Tau)
6. Franklin Howell “The Blue Mile”

FALL ’03

1 plex filme downloaden. Maurice Kenner
2. Elmo Cole

SUMMER ’07 – 2 The Hard Way

1. Robert Crawford “On Point”
2. Tiger Gibson  “Krazy Glue”

SPRING ’08 – Three in One-The Body of Sigma

1. Randy Samuels “Die Hard”
2. Jonathan Thomas “Vertebrae”
3. Alexis Lee “Cardiac”

SPRING ’09 – Then There Were Two

1. Joseph Washington  “Wise Guy”
2. Keith Woods “Young Gun”

FALL ’09 – The Four Horsemen

1. Sean Devon Patillo “Ghost Rider”
2. Roderick Duff “Hard Knocks”
3. Danny Wade “Soul”
4. Larry Johnican “Terminator”

SUMMER ’10 – Generation Next

1. Ian-Rhys Duff “Smooth”
2. Michael Tatonetti “The Rock”
3. Darius Wimby “Juggernaut”

SPRING ’11 – The Adjustment Bureau

1 tiktok ohne wasserzeichen herunterladen. Darrell Roberts “All Star”
2. David-Lee Mattison “Superman”
3. Jamal Cumberbatch “Justice”
4. Jeffeory Galbreath “Annointed”
5. Dolphus “Bruce” Blackmon “God Father”
6. Darrell Steele “Prime Minister”
7. Tyrone Belin “The Guardian”

SPRING ’12 – The Usual Suspects

1. Austin Bonds “Mass Confusion”
2. David Fairley “The Rennaisance Man”
4. David Wilson “Mastermind”
5. Anthony Bassey “Full Throttle”
6. Eric Goode “The Prophet”
7. Myron Cooper “Critical Analysis”
8. Herman Tullock “Slow Motion”
9. Garry “JR” Sellers “Trailblazer”
10. Aziz Balamani “The Alchemist”
11. Rodney Miller “The Big Show”

FALL ’13 – Shaft’s Classics

1 videos von youtube herunterladen online. Derrick Gordon “Lookabout”
2. Michael Madden “Forest Boundurant”
3. Jarrett Jackson “Atlas”
4. Omar Anderson “Ox”

 SPRING ’14 – 3 Degrees Of Separation

1. Steven Fair “Dr. Blu-little”
2. Steven Swing “The Negotiator”
3. Corey Sapp “Mo ‘Betta Blue”

FALL ’14 – Operation T.D.R.S.D.

1. Tayshaun D. Burnett “Space Jam”
2. Stephen B. Hall “E-Flat”

SPRING ’15 – Task Force Sigma

1. Jared Miller “Arsenal”
2. Andre Minter “Sinestro”
3. Brandon Pearson “Bizarro”
4. Troy Jackson “The Jester of Genocide”
5. Akeim Guiden “Deadshot”
6. Adler Dehner “Doomsday”
7. JaMel Harvey “Deathstroke”

SPRING ’15 – Covert Operation

1. John Toliver “The Unknown Soldier”

FALL ’15 – Soldiers of the Apocalypse

1 piano notes jazz for free. Nate Holloway “Doom”
2. Rawdon Lorde “Carnage”
3. Charmorge Miller “Galactus”

FALL ’16 – The Last Defenders

1. Kenneth Lucas “Dr. Strange”
2. Miguel Lopez “Incredible Hulk”
3. Edward Cook “Archangel”
4. Travis Liggins “Vision”
5. Johnnie Coons “Human Torch”
6. Stephen Butler “Luke Cage”

SPRING ’18 – The Five P.I.L.L.A.R.S.

1. Johny Morris “Zeus”
2. Shaquan Womack “Hermes”
3. Christopher Boggs “Atlas”
4. Prince Emenalo “Ares”
5. Eric Williams “Hercules”

FALL ’18

  • Tochi Ohuabunwa
  • Derek O’Neal
  • Sean Stoney
  • Jemetreus Richardson
  • Georgio Vahoua

SPRING ’19  The Resurgence 

1. Hobson McCain III “Double Take”
2. Robert Grady “Blu Phoenix”

Fall ’19 – The 4 Souls Of Mischief

1 legal images to. Michael Edwards “Abomination”
2. Octavian Braxton “Thanos”
3. Tony Peterson “KingPin”
4. Antavious Grier “Mysterio”